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A brand is the total experience of your product or service. The elements that make up your brand can include everything from logo design to website content and beyond. Branding is the process of creating a message that resonates with customers, leads them to choose your product over other brands in their minds, and inspires them to return regularly for more products and services.

Logo design

The logo is the visual identity of a brand. It should be unique, memorable and simple. The logo should be scalable and flexible so that it can adapt to different sizes, shapes and colours without compromising on its identity or integrity.

The logo may be used in many forms including:

  • Print media (posters, flyers etc.)
  • Web banners/sites/blogs
  • Social media profiles such as Facebook pages and Twitter accounts

Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are a set of rules that help you keep your branding consistent. If you’re using a logo, for example, and then switch to using an icon instead of text in another part of the site or social media posts—it can be confusing for users to know where they should look for more information about your brand.

Brand guidelines also help you save time and money by avoiding legal issues with trademarks or copyrights. For example: if someone wants to use one of your designs as their own (without permission), there are very specific laws about what happens next!

Graphic design is a key component of brand identity.

Graphic design is a key component of brand identity. It’s the visual language of your brand, communicating its personality and values. Graphic designers use imagery to create an emotional connection with customers, using color and type to establish an emotional response from them.

A logo can be used to communicate a range of messages about your business or brand—from who you are as a company to how you’re different from other businesses in your industry—and it can also help build trust between you and potential customers by reinforcing these messages through use on printed materials like packaging or websites (and even social media).

Branding is a process of creating a brand identity that helps you to distinguish your product or service from others. It involves the design, communication and promotion of products or services by using a combination of visual elements such as colours, fonts etc which are designed to convey certain messages about what they stand for.

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